Discover the hidden market in real estate foreclosure and
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What is pre-foreclosure?

Pre-foreclosure is when the bank informs the homeowner of the impending foreclosure approximately 90 days of late payment. Pre-foreclosure is the time period from which the bank gives notice of default, to the time the house sells at auction. Pre-foreclosure is also the most crucial time in the foreclosure process. Pre-foreclosure properties are the once waiting for foreclosure, but have yet to go for auction. It is during this period that the buyer can bargain.

How do you get a below fair market value?

When a homeowner is at a point of pre-foreclosure, they frantically try to refinance and borrow money from friends or family to save the property from foreclosing. When these options become unsuccessful, they try to sell the property. With the time constraints, the foreclosure-threatened homeowners who don’t have sufficient funds/ equity, or are unemployed, will sell the property below fair market value.

Our Role

Virtually all homeowners who receive Notices of Default are worthy of attention. If they lose their home, it goes up for auction. They lose the amount they paid on their home and it becomes difficult for them to get loans to buy another home.

Aathi realty will work with the buyers to identify the pre-foreclosure property. We will provide all your real estate needs until the closing of the property. We will also arrange the needed legal services for the buyers and act as a mediator between the two parties



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