Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of buying pre-foreclosure properties?

Buying pre-foreclosures involves working directly with the homeowners. You buy the property below fair market value.

Can I buy a homeowner's house if he has a bank loan?

Yes. The homeowner must repay the bank loan upon selling the house.

Why would a homeowner sell his house below market value?

If the home has equity, the home owner can get back at least portion of the initial investment and the amount already paid towards the home.

What is the advantage of pre-foreclosure sale?

The home owner can avoid deficiency judgment by the bank and maintain a credit standing with the bank for future finance. He/she also gets back some of the amount paid towards the home if it has equity.

How do I find investors who will buy my pre foreclosure property?

Aathi realty’s vision is to find investors to buy pre foreclosure property. We mediate the process between both parties.

What is different about Aathi Realty?

IMost real estate agents only know the "retail side of the business". They don't really give importance to the foreclosure process and the nuances of pre-closures and foreclosures. This is because foreclosures are typically pursued only by investors, looking to make a profit.

We specialize in pre-closure properties to connect home owners and buyers and help both parties. The pre-foreclosure sale involves multiple processes and several parties to deal with. We require an exclusive sale agent agreement from the sellers to process a pre-foreclosure sale. We have list of potential buyers as members who are interested in buying foreclosure properties. We perform the entire process of pre-foreclosure sale ourselves.


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