Buy low, sell high, and Build equity and fortune in short time
Key to making fortune is investment in real estate

Why invest in Real Estate?

With so many investment avenues available, investing in real estate has minimal risk. Historically, Real Estate investment has shown consistent growth in value, even when other investment choices were less stable. There are many excellent ways to invest in real estate.

Buying Pre-Foreclosure Properties

A pre-foreclosure sale is a procedure in which a Bank/ lender allows a home owner to avoid foreclosure by selling the property for less than the market value to pay off their loan.

Buying Post-Foreclosure Properties

These are properties that have been formally foreclosed by the banks and are for sale or pending auction.

Buying Distressed Properties

In every market there are distressed properties that are available below market value. But may have additional costs involved such as financing, repairs, holding and selling before you invest.

First Phase New Development Buying

This strategy involves buying homes in the first phase of a new housing development in a market with rapid real estate appreciation.

Buying Land and Building

If you have the financial ability, time and knowledge you can make solid investment returns on building homes.

Buy and Hold Strategy

Buying homes or multi-units and holding them until you get adequate equity also involves additional costs such as financing, holding costs, vacancy factors, taxes, property management, maintenance etc.

Buy and Flip Strategy

Buying home for a quick flip is a frequently used strategy with some risk involved

Benefit of buying foreclosure properties

The key to pre-foreclosure property is equity. Equity is the difference between what a house will sell for (fair market value) and what is owed on the house. Buy a house for less than fair market value and immediately create equity.



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